Call Tracking

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How does Call Measurement work?

Call Measurement allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns or your web site.

For only $10/month (up to 150 billing minutes/month) we can provide you with a call tracking number that you can use in specific ad campaigns. When a potential customer dials your call tracking number, we will instantly forward this number to your business number.

At the same time we will also store this call data so you can analyze the call results at a later time. We can even store the entire conversation at no cost to you which will allow you to monitor all your incoming calls.

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Call Measurement Process

  1. You purchase a local call measurement number per advertising campaign
  2. You use this number on your web site, your print advertising, or tv/radio ad
  3. Each time a potential customer calls your special call measurement number, we track all call data
  4. You view your call results for each campaign and adjust your advertising strategy

Benefits of Call Measurement

  1. Clearly measure the results of each campaign
  2. Allows you to easily determine the ROI for each advertising campaign
  3. Find out when your call volumne
  4. Listen in to all incoming calls with Call Monitoring

Call Monitoring

In addition to call tracking, we also allow you to monitor each incoming call. Not only do we store all details related to a call, we also record the entire conversation if you choose to do so. This can help you figure out how well your customer service reps are handling each call.

Call Monitor is offered as a free service to our Call Measurement service and can be turned on or off. All phone conversations are stored for 30 days.